Monday, 24 June 2013

On with the owl.

I started working on the owl here and a few weeks have gone by since then.

I've been stitching on some wool and fancy threads by hand and going over them with the embellisher.
Yes, the embellisher.. I'm really disappointed with my Pfaff embellisher. I haven't used it all that much and maybe it's just me.
I'm pretty careful using it as I know how easy it is to break the needles and I'm now down to 2 which is no use at all. So there's nothing else for it but to send away for another set.

This is the front of the owl and I'm making it up as I go along. Not sure what I'll do with the back yet as I've used up all my bits of wool.

So while I'm waiting for needles and searching for threads I'll be doing a bit of collage in this notebook and keeping an eye on the Tele.

Yes, I'll be watching you Andy!


crazydazy said...

hi, your owl looks well....that's a shame about the embellisher - I think the needles are expensive too. Think well all be cheering on Andy - did you see the programme last night - The Man Behind the Racquet, Ali

snoopysgranny said...

Hi Ali, Yes, I did watch Andy. Hope he can win this time!
It's fiddly replacing the needles in that embellisher too. Best to stick to needle felting if you ask me!